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  In order to organize and define the relationship of artifacts to the people that made them archeologist have established the chronology or "time-line" of when these different items appear to have been in use by Native Americans.  This time-line is divided into major groups or cultures that produced or used these items.
  Because no written information was left by these people to tell us who they were or what they called themselves these time-classifications are the accepted way of defining the various distinct cultures. In this relationship, or relational data base, certain arrowheads can be used as markers that identify the culture that produced and used them.   Thus, Adena points are indicative of a Woodland culture approximately 3K to 1300 Years B.P. (Before Present).
  The chart at the right is based on data extracted from archeological finds and explorations conducted in and around the East TN area (see References) and covers the known periods of occupation of this area from the first Paleo hunters until the last Cherokee.