last updated on: February 24, 2008
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Others Finds
Here are some great finds from other people, if you have pictures you would like to donate to this page please send them to me (             ), I am interested in finds from the local area such as Eastern TN & Ky, Western N.C.,S.C.,Va, Northern Ga., etc., Plus any outstanding or unknown items.
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This outstanding frame of "Clinch River Obsidian", (Knox Chert), was submitted by Dr.Gomer
Here is another outstanding point submitted by Dr.Gomer
This Sublet Ferry submitted by Tom Comes from Mongomery Co. TN
Here is an unusual item from Ethan in Cincinnati, OH.  Take the poll  or       
Great collection of points from Bob.
Submitted by J.T. Hooper of Charleston TN. Here is  another of those unusual objects found in East TN.  What is it?  A grinding tool?, handled war club?, unfinished tool? or just natural formed rock.
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What is it?
Grinding tool
Unfinished tool
Natural formation

What is it?
Natural formation

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A nice collection From Dan of Rhea Co. TN.
These  treasures come from Trish.
Here are some interesting items from Philip in New Johnsonville, TN.
How about these extra fine celts from the same location,  the largest is 9,1/2".  These were found by Woody in Va.